Fire and Security Systems

ADS Fire Alarm Systems

Alarm Detection Systems Fire is one disaster that could put you right out of business. Our fire detection systems allow for affordable and reliable protection that complies with stringent fire codes. Our UL approved manual pull stations allow for the manual activation of the system. Our supervised smoke detectors give you additional protection. To prevent water damage, use our waterflow supervisory systems. They report to the central station whenever water begins to flow through a sprinkler. This allows you to minimize the effects of water damage that can be even more expensive than fixing the fire damage.
  • Manual Alarm Stations
  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Waterflow Systems
  • Products Comply to Stringent Fire Codes

We all know what fire alarm systems are because of all the irritating noise they make. But they make the noise for a reason -- to get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible.

The old fire alarm systems were 120 volt AC series, mostly using pull stations, smoke detectors and sprinkler devices to trigger the alarm. The alarm's voltage was 120 volt 4, 6 or 12 volt AC series bells or claxons. The new fire alarm systems are 24 volt DC series. There are many types of these fire alarm systems available. The addressable fire alarm system has become the most common within the past few years; they are like mini computers now. Each initiating device (pull station, smoke detector, sprinkler etc.) has monitoring modules that can annunciate exactly where the device is located. Using relay modules and control modules you can use the fire alarm system to do just about anything. Fire alarm systems must comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some of ADA requirements include strobe lighting throughout all common areas and voice annunciation in all high-rise building and assembly areas.

Fire alarm systems can be very complex. If you would like to learn more about your system please do not hesitate to email or call us at 301-223-0000.

ADS Security Systems

ADS can design a security system customized for your needs. Whether you want to use wireless or wired products, we can create a system that is easy to expand or upgrade.

Features we can provide:

  • Opening/Closing Reports
  • Customized Interior and Perimeter Protection
  • Advanced Installation and Operating Technologies
  • Identification of Exact Point of Alarm
  • Partitioning Capabilities
  • Reliable Wireless Products
  • Remote Service Capability

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