Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Strict Enforcement

In the past, code compliance pertaining to inspecting, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems have never really been enforced because they were extremely excessive. Spectrum Fire, like the majority of your other fire system contractors, were performing function code compliant inspection testing only in order to reduce major costs to the customer.

Fire systems per code compliance require annual, semi annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly inspection, testing and maintenance. The proper procedures are outlined in NFPA-25 (Water-Based Fire Protection Systems) and NFPA-72 (National Fire Alarm Code). You can review these documents by visiting the National Fire Protection Association site.

It is recommended for a licensed fire system contractor to perform the testing and maintenance of your fire system equipment. Although, with the approval of the authority having jurisdiction and your insurance underwriter, it is very possible for you to perform the weekly and monthly inspections "In-House" based on having a licensed fire system fire system service company reviewing the reports upon the annual visit.

The weekly and monthly reports of inspection procedures are not very difficult. They are just time consuming. Spectrum Fire will be happy to help train your personnel to perform these requirements upon your request. The quarterly, semi annual and annual inspection, testing and maintenance would need to be performed by a licensed fire system contractor.

If you have any questions about what you need to do, please feel free to e-mail us or call your local fire prevention division of code enforcement office.